As in the rest of the world today cannabis light is a fast-growing business in Italy.

The law n. 242 approved in December 2016 also made the production and marketing of the well known and appreciated hemp inflorescences legal.

They are continually opening new specialized shops for the sale of inflorescences and its derivatives, the pharmaceutical companies are investing big capitals and also the scholarships closely follow the evolution of this phenomenon which invests all potential consumers.For the commercialization of inflorescences (or cut flowers) there is no need to be a specialized shop, no special licenses or authorizations are required.

Any commercial activity and / or administration, pubs, gyms, betting centers or meeting centers in general, can sell cut flowers under certain conditions.

First of all, the inflorescence must have values ​​of thc lower than 0.2% and there are no limits with regard to CBD.Join this business with an Italian product, a reliable brand that guarantees the first quality and safety of the product to be sold.

The quality selected by Siciliana Quality Srl concerns the inflorescence (cut flowers) of cannabis sativa L. female of first quality, without seeds, exclusively from outdoor crops without the use of herbicides and pesticides, on soils kissed by the sun of Sicily or otherwise grown on Italian land.

The selection of cut flowers is done following a very strict disciplinary to guarantee the seller.

The purchase is made by selected nursery gardeners who provide seed and flower certifications; the taking charge of the product takes place only after new analyzes that confirm the TCH values ​​within the legal limit.

The cut flower is packaged in aluminum boxes, closed with a warranty seal with barcode (also placed inside the package) that allows the traceability of the product at any time with the product certificates always available on the website.

Furthermore the sealing with the heat-shrink plastic guarantees the contents until the box is opened.

For the retailer we reserve offers with discreet and attractive exhibitors with packs of 12 – 24 – 48 – 96, advertising material, with wholesale prices that will guarantee you big top ups.

Different qualities of product in packs of 1.5 or 3 grams, immediately available !!

Flexible solutions, high reloading with a limited investment will guarantee you valuable profits for your business without risk and with minimum effort.

We will provide all supporting documentation and information to avoid any risk.

Contact us we will call you right away.

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