Sale of inflorescences (cut flowers) of legal Cannabis – light hemp with CBD and THC always less than 0.2%, deriving and intended exclusively for floriculture activities.

Cannabis plants have the same morphological, chemical and development characteristics and what distinguishes them from each other is the area where they grow, the altitude, the properties of the land and much more.

There are three different species:

  • Cannabis Sativa: it is certainly the best known, grows in Asia, America and Africa and can reach, if not pruned, 5 meters in height. Its appearance is the result of constant adaptation to atmospheric conditions, in particular humidity: the plant appears, therefore, less compact and the flowering period can also last for fourteen weeks. The leaves, light green, are large and have an elongated shape that resembles the fingers of the hand.
  • Cannabis Indica: it comes from places like Pakistan and India and has therefore adapted to drier and dry climates. All this affects its morphology: it is lower and stocky, its leaves are darker and wider and its flowers form many small clusters.
  • RuderalisCannabis : its lands of origin are Siberia and Kazakhstan, where the hours of light are very few and the flowering does not depend, therefore, on them. It resembles a small bush that grows, very quickly, in all possible directions, but does not reach high stature (maximum 90 cm); the leaves are very narrow and the flowers are tiny.

With the law n. 242 approved in December 2016, the production and marketing of even the inflorescences (the flowers of the plant) of hemp became legal.

These are plants included in the European catalog of seeds certified with low thc (as per Article 17 of Directive No. 2002/53 / EC) to the extent that the active ingredient contained in it (the so-called THC) is lower 0.2%.

The percentage of THC is tolerated up to the value of 0.6%, only for the grower but not for the seller of Cannabis light (according to the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior).

If this percentage is exceeded (even below the percentage of 0.6% tolerated for the producer) the judicial authorities could intervene with seizures and destruction of the product.

This is why the traceability of the product is fundamental with analyzes carried out in certified laboratories.Furthermore, imports of cannabis from seeds that do not fall within the European catalog (ie forms of crossed or hybrid plantations) are prohibited.

The legal Cannabis is obtained from Hemp Light Sativa, certified seed, and does not produce any psychotropic effect and is rich in CBD.

Cannabis or cannabis includes as many as 80 cannabinoids and among these are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is, without a shadow of a doubt, the one best known and sought after by cannabis lovers.

THC is also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and is concentrated in the leaves and flower of the plant; it is associated with the countless psychoactive effects that make cannabis illegal in many countries.

Tetrahydrocannabinol binds, in the organism, to nerve cell receptors thus determining the release of dopamine (neurotransmitter produced by the brain better known as the hormone of euphoria).

The cannabidiol or CBD also of natural origin, has instead an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipsychotic effect.In Italy and especially in Sicily the natural cultivation of hemp in Italy has centuries-old origins.

In fact, given its perfect climate for this crop, Italy has been a world leader over the centuries.But starting from the 20s of the twentieth century, with the advent of prohibitionism, a real campaign began to discourage and demonize the use of cannabis, as seen as a cause of people’s violence.

A misunderstanding lasted decades and now fortunately, however, leave room for the innumerable capabilities of this beautiful plant.T

he use of Cannabis is recommended in fact to combat pain, nausea, but also to combat more serious conditions such as spasticity given by Multiple Sclerosis and Tourette Syndrome.

The quality selected by Siciliana Quality Srl concerns the inflorescence (cut flowers) of cannabis sativa L. female of first quality, without seeds, exclusively from outdoor crops without the use of herbicides and pesticides, on soils kissed by the sun of Sicily or otherwise grown on Italian land.In any case, the inflorescence derives and is exclusively intended for floriculture activities pursuant to art. 2 c. 2 lett. g) of Laws 242/2016.

The collection, cleaning, trimming, tanning and storage operations were carried out strictly by hand.Therefore cultivation does not take place in greenhouses, with artificial light and with the use of herbicides and pesticides.

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