Mission / tutor
The Sicilian born to promote the good inflorescence of hemp grown in the sunny Sicilian countryside, where there is the wind, so much sun and aromas in the air. Since ancient times hemp has always found fertile soil and expert growers in Italy and especially in the south, who have handed down experiences, techniques and traditions, even for the production of inflorescences.
The goal is to select varieties of hemp inflorescences that stand out and contain the traditions and essences of the land where they are grown.
The importance to the territory and its diversity pushes the Sicilian to select mainly outdoor productions, fruit of the earth and of the nature that surrounds them.
In the search for different experiences we can not but appreciate the goodness and the peculiarity of different hemp productions throughout the national territory, so the Sicilian with great pleasure dedicates so much attention to productions typical of other regions, which are distinguished by experiences, being able so appreciate also how the same plant can make differently. Where the colors, the aromas, the fragrances, are conditioned by the land, by the nearby cultivations and obviously by the wisdom of the Italian farmers who have been handed down for centuries a tradition that in recent decades has been classified underground.
Choice of the product
The Sicilian choose their inflorescences only if:

  • Cultivate without using chemicals or pesticides
  • Dried naturally
  • Work by hand
  • With lower thc 0.2
  • Beautiful, fragrant, distinguishable

Our inflorescences are cultivated in total absence of chemical substances or non natural additives, to grow the compact tops is exclusively the sun and the goodness of the land and the attentions of its farmer. the preference in outdoor cultivation also derives from the lesser absence of additives, even if organic ones that the plant must take in indoor cultivations.
It is the production of small niche crops, which represent the only way to guarantee a high quality of the flower, without seeds, to which the farmer has been able to dedicate himself in the different phases of vegetation, flowering and harvest. Where the farmer makes the difference, even in his own technique of cleaning, drying and tanning.
The Sicilian inflorescences are naturally dried at controlled temperatures and tanned in glass or heat-sealed containers for a period of at least 30 days, which allows the flower to concentrate its true aroma.
The Sicilian operates in full compliance with the art. 2 L 242/2016 and smi and rigorously applies its own self-regulation code giving full implementation of the standard, with a double analysis check and tracking system that allows you to know everything about the product purchased.

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